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About Us

About Us

Our mission is to give every woman the means to style her own life.

Who We Are

There’s nothing like shopping with your best friend. But with the rise in online shopping, there’s no one to tell you, “You look great in that,” or, “Yeah, that’s not working.” That can make what used to be a social activity, sometimes a lonely one. That’s why we created YourBestFashionFinds. It’s just like online shopping with Your BFF. Our personal shoppers will help you locate something that suits your style. And once you receive it, they’ll be there to let you know if it’s working or not.

YourBestFashionFinds is a boutique based in New York City. Founder Morlette Cowan found herself shopping for her BFF’s, which led her to creating YBFF. It’s our goal to make every customer feel confident, empowered, and stylish.

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Take Advantage of:

Personal Styling │Shopping – for the woman who doesn’t have time to shop, needs an outfit for a special occasion or, needs help deciding what style suits her best, our personal stylists are here to help! Get more details on our services here.

Online Store – there’s a broad selection of styles for every occasion, plus, you can filter based on your personal taste, the occasion, or your favorite designer. Browse the selection

Our Social Outlets – Want help selecting or styling your clothing? Our Facebook and Instagram pages provide an outlet for women everywhere to get feedback on styling, fit, and more. Make new BFF’s and connect with old!

For in-depth information on purchasing, shipping, and our products, visit our FAQ page.

YourBFF is not:

A large, impersonal mass retailer

A seller of cheaply made, mass-produced clothing

A reseller, selling outdated or overstock goods


We scour European boutiques for rare, heirloom pieces that you’ll hardly find in department stores or elsewhere.

Each high quality style will last a lifetime and will always be in style

Free Shipping on Orders over $100.00

Fast Delivery

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