Your Guide to Fashion Forward Podcasts

Your Guide to Fashion Forward Podcasts
September 12, 2018 Marlena Chesner
In Fashion Tips

If you’ve been searching for the perfect podcast for a fashionista like yourself, look no further. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fashion focused podcasts that intrigued and inspired me. So grab your headphones, settle in, and explore these podcasts that are as fabulous as you are.


1. The Style Sucess Podcast

This is a wonderful resource for fashion do’s and don’ts with a  healthy dose of self-love and confidence coaching. Mallory Sills, the podcast’s creator an host, is an image consultant who shares her wisdom with listeners. She firmly believes that fashion and personal style is a vehicle for self-love and acceptance, making this podcast an uplifting experience. Plus, her latest episode, “How to Shop For Swimsuits”, gave me the confidence to ditch my long swim shorts for a retro-inspired two piece.

2. What I Wear When…

If you love storytelling as much as fashion, Glamour Magazine’s mini-podcast series, “What I Wear When…”, should be on your top lists of podcasts. Featuring stars like Uzo Aduba and Ashley Tisdale, this podcast gives listeners intimate knowledge about some of their most important moments and what they wore during them.

3. Dressed, The History of Fashion

Both fashion lovers and history buffs alike will enjoy “Dressed, The History of Fashion”. The show’s creators, April Calahan, and Cassidy Zachary are accomplished art historians that artfully share their passion with the world.  This enlightening podcast explores the fascinating connections between social, political, and economic aspects of fashion throughout time.

4. The Spirit of 6O8

Lorraine Sanders is the founder of FEST- Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Tech, which seeks to create sustainable practices within the fashion community. She shares this passion through her weekly podcast, “The Spirit of 6O8”. Throughout the series, she explores the relationship between fashion and making money while keeping environmental friendly practices in mind. Listen to this series if you are interested in hearing from strong business women discuss their tips of the trade.

5. Thrift Therapy

If you are addicted to discovering unique treasures at thrift stores, La Vee’s, Thrift Therapy, is the podcast for you. She specifically discusses how she navigates thrift stores and dishes on her fashion finds along the way. Her personality is infectious and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud while learning how to get more bang for your buck.

Even for a podcaster enthusiast, the number of podcast options can be overwhelming! If I missed your favorite fashion podcaster, visit Your Best Fashion Finds’ Instagram and let me know. We’d love to hear from you and incorporate your thoughts into our next podcast review.

Happy listening!

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