Winter Athleisure-Wear 101
November 13, 2018 Marlena Chesner
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Athleisure wear was originally created for working out or for activities that require movement. These items are created durable, fast drying, and form fitting so you can move and groove without fear of tearing or being soaked. Athleisure wear has become a huge trend in America and around the world! It seems like people can’t get enough of these comfortable clothing options that are made well and look cute.

And we agree! Whether wearing an entire outfit made from athletic wear or using it to accent your work look, you can’t go wrong with a few key pieces of athleisurewear this winter.


If there is one item of athletic wear that you cannot live without. And that is the mighty legging. Wear them as pants with a tee or dress them up with a dress or skirt. The uses of leggings are endless but come in especially handy during the colder months.

Now, it might be tempting to hit up your local mall and grab a pair of $10 leggings. Here’s the thing- they are made from cheap materials and are almost always (at least in my experience) see-through. That’s why I recommend going for a pair that is a bit more expensive. But, how many wears you’ll get from those mall leggings before they rip and you need to get another?

Instead, try an environmentally friendly pair of leggings like PACT’s. At around $30 you’ll get a durable, dependable pair of leggings with the extra bonus of helping Mother Earth out!

Rain Slicker

Rain slickers are one of my favorite parts about streetwear. Not only is one of the most practical pieces of clothing you can have, but they also exist in every style and color imaginable. Do yourself a favor and get yourself one! Go for something that really accents your personality so the coat (while still extremely useful) it can also become a great accent piece.

Check out the fabulous Jessica Chastain rocking a clear raincoat. 



Another crucial piece of athletic wear is a pair of sneakers. Take a look at your lifestyle before choosing a pair. Are you active? Do you spend a lot of time outside? Are you looking for a fashion statement? This will help narrow down your search. After all- a pair of Nikes might work for a runner but an outdoorswoman might want something water-proof. As for me, I’m partial to hightops, but I have my fair of well-worn pair of trainers lying around.

The Laced Shoes

The Charlie Brown Hightop

The Hightop Sneaker



We’d love to see you rocking out your athleticwear! Share your favorite athleisure-wear inspired look with us on Instagram @yourbestfashionfinds. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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