A Short Girl’s Guide to Denim
January 24, 2019 Marlena Chesner

Denim will (hopefully) be in forever. It’s durable and can be fashioned into just about anything, can be styled to fit just about any style, AND looks great on all bodies!

The Denim Jumpsuit

Füsun Lindner VIA Instagram

Don't let anyone tell you short girls can't wear denim jumpsuits! Just belt it for some extra waist definition and go for the skinny or straight-legged option. A cute pair of heels doesn't hurt either!

When to Wear Knee-High Boots

The Wide-Neck Denim Dress

This wide-neck denim is the perfect match for knee-high or thigh-high boots. You don't have to worry about your boots shortening you because plenty of skin is showing on the top half.

When to Cuff

If you decide to cuff your jeans make sure to keep the cuff to a minimum: A small roll up won't distort your proportions. Add a pair of nude pumps to take your look up a notch. (A cute clutch doesn't hurt either)

Denim Dress

The Denim-Pocket Cotton Dress

Denim truly is the jack of all fabrics; it even looks cute in dress form. Worried it will be uncomfortable? Don't be! Lot's of denim dresses are soft, light, and airy. Just make sure the hemline hovers around the knee and you pair it with ankle shoes.

Denim Skirt

hithareddy_ via Instagram

When donning a denim skirt, keep the hemline in mind. You'll appear shortened if it's too long or too short. Keep the hemline just above your knees and you'll be good to go.

The Denim Jacket & Jean Combo


Shannixo_ Via Instagram


When layering up the denim, remember to wear a form-fitting shirt or one that will tuck in. This will define your waist and help elongate you. Pair with skinny, slim, or slim straight jeans and a pair of ankle boots, trainers, or pumps. Avoid knee-high boots with the jean jacket/jeans combo.



Don’t let anyone tell you that petite girls can’t wear denim! With the right styling and hem-lengths in mind- you’ll be rocking all manners of denim in no time!

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