Boho Style: Why We Love it How to Achieve It

Boho Style: Why We Love it How to Achieve It
November 15, 2018 Marlena Chesner
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What is it?

With roots in Bohemianism and the hippie movement, Boho style is the embodiment of a fun-loving, easy-breezy personality; Not surprising considering bohemianism “is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle” (Wikipedia*) and Hippies strive to live outside the constraints of social expectations. The style itself is all about creating an effortless look while mixing textures and patterns. We love this look, but finding the balance between different styles, fabrics, and patterns can be difficult; You definitely don’t want to just throw on all your flowy clothes and call it a day. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide to get you started.

1.Pick the Right Fabrics

Flowey, airy fabrics

The core of every great boho look is effortlessness and this achieved through light-weight fabrics that move as you do. Choose fabrics with good movement and avoid stiff or heavy fabrics. If you do choose to incorporate a heavier fabric, like denim, make sure you compensate by surrounding it with airy materials.

Texture and Volume

Don’t forget to add texture to your look as this will help balance all the airy fabrics. Include fringe, puff balls, fluffy fabrics, ruffles, and/or ribbed fabrics. One of the best ways to incorporate these textures, without it getting too overwhelming, is through accessories. Think fringe vest, a woven purse, a textured waist belt, or even some feathered earrings. An easy way to add some volume to your look is simply by tucking your shirt in and allowing it to billow out or by choosing a garment with bell sleeves.

2. Get Inspired by Nature

Take a hint from nature and go with colors that you would find organically and notice how well the colors go together. For example, a forest green would look lovely with a deep, soil brown, creams, and even blues every shade of the sky.  As for patterns, anything floral and lace is a go. Don’t be afraid to choose contrasting floral patterns and mix them together. Just keep your base color solid to ensure your outfit doesn’t get too busy. Add pops of unnatural colors throughout to brighten things up.

3. Layer

The best boho looks are all about layering. This can be anything from a cute fringe vest over a flowy dress to wearing a long shirt overtop a skirt or even a dress. This is how you’ll incorporate all those amazing nature-inspired patterns.  You can add layers to your outfit with long, sleeveless cardigans, scarves, and/or belts. And don’t forget to layer your jewelry- wear a few necklaces with different lengths and pile on those bangles.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Sometimes the best way to understand the art of effortless mixing fabrics and textures (which is more complicated than it seems, right?) is through images. Check out these outfits and be prepared to get inspired!

If you’re looking for more guidance on this style, go shopping with us! Consult with one of our lovely stylists and they’ll email you pieces you’ll love. You choose and they ship.


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