Bring Style to the Thanksgiving Season

Bring Style to the Thanksgiving Season
November 21, 2018 Marlena Chesner
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When you picture the Thanksgiving holiday, what comes to mind? Probably the beauty of changing leaves, the enticing aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie, cozy clothes, and warm drinks. After all, for many, this holiday falls during a cold month, which explains why so many of us seek warmth and togetherness during this season.

Now, think back a little bit harder- past all the sweet, warm moments spent with friends and family. When you think of dressing for this holiday, what comes to mind?

If it’s turkey and pumpkin merchandise- whether it clothing or jewelry- then you’ve come to the right place… to find another way to express your love of the season.

 Skip the Turkey Merch and Stick to Fall Colors

We all have someone in our lives that lives and breathes for kitsch items. They go for anything and everything that shows an obvious connection to the traditional parts of the holiday. These items are usually over-the-top and leave no room for interpretation or guesswork: it is very obvious which holiday is being repped with these items.

For this holiday, it means a turkey or a pumpkin sweater with matching earrings and necklace. But, let’s try to avoid campy accessories this season and bring out our autumn spirit in a more subtle way.

Try to incorporate fall colors into your outfits as much as possible. This is a great way to show your enthusiasm for the season without going overboard. Think burnt orange, deep yellow, soil brown, pine tree green, and vibrant red. These colors are extremely complimentary so pick your favorites and go with it! You really can’t go wrong with autumn colors. You can also incorporate plaid and herringbone patterns: they are classics of the season and they can add great dimension to your fall outfit.

The Long Sleeve Stripe Dress

The High-Low Trapeze Dress

The Glen-Plaid Tapered Pant



Layer Up

This one makes total sense, right?! It is downright frigid outside (for many of us), but as hot as a furnace inside our homes and offices. Naturally, you want to include pieces of articles that are easy to take on and off. Luckily, layering is a wonderful way to show off all the amazing pieces in your closet and can lead to some really beautiful and exciting looks. Feel free to explore what feels right on your body. For some, this will be leggings with a tunic dress, cardigan, and scarf. For others, it could be a pair of denim skinny jeans with thigh high socks and boots, a flannel and jacket. You already have everything you need right in your closet!

Now, if you have a few of those kitschy items laying around ( I know I do!), just try to wear them in moderation. If you’re rocking a chic fall look and want to throw on some pumpkin or bat earrings? Go for it and remember;  it only really matters how you feel in what your wearing! So don’t forget to wear your confidence this fall season!

We’d love to see you rocking your fall outfits confidently so send us a picture of you in your favorite fall outfit on Instagram @yourbestfashionfinds! We can’t wait!

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