Gift Guide Series: What to Get Family

Gift Guide Series: What to Get Family
November 28, 2018 Marlena Chesner
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Holidays can be an amazing time filled with family, friends, and love. They can also be a very stressful as you worry about what perfect gift to get everyone and seeing everyone you love in a short period of time. While we can’t help you juggle visiting family and friends, we can ease your gift-giving woes.


It might seem a bit obvious, but grandparents just adore pictures and homemade gifts! This season, we suggest that you construct a thoughtful scrapbook filled with your favorite memories. If you have children, make sure to include a large section with pictures of them! If you don’t have time for that, there are many services that will print your picture on anything from a cup to a blanket.


Mothers are incredibly special people! After all, they carried you for upwards of nine months and then gave birth to you! So, it only makes sense that you find something amazing for her!

Mothers spend so much of their time thinking about their children, so this holiday season treat her to a special dinner in an amazing, one-of-a-kind dress. Don’t settle for a last minute grab! Find your mother a dress that is as unique as she is and make sure she feels like a movie star!

The Open-Back Long Blue Dress



The Open-Back Long Blue Dress is a wonderful option for mothers that are conscious of their legs. It will still show off her wonderful body, though! For a little extra coverage, add a similarly colored shawl.

The Geometric Satin Dress

$64.59 by JIJIL

The Geometric Satin Dress is a fun, textured look for fashionista Mother. The dress is light enough to wear to just about anything, while still offering some warmth through the ruched sleeves. Plus, it will look great with leggings!


The Tartan Plaid Dress

$119.00 by MARIUCCA

If your mother is elegant and classic then this Tartan Plaid Dress is the dress for her. The subtle plaid pattern is accentuated by bold tartan plaid piping in the front and on the sleeves. 

Mother in Law:

Popular culture likes to pretend that mother-in-laws always give their child’s spouse a hard time, but we all know that isn’t always the case! And besides, without mother-in-laws, we wouldn’t have our partners! So, check out these gift ideas!

Groupon Coupon: I can speak from experience and say (without hesitation) that mothers-in-law love a good Groupon coupon. Think about what they like or what they need and odds are Groupon will have something for them. I suggest:

A Cleaning Service: Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do all the cleaning! She’s spent her life cleaning up after other people, so treat her to a whole house deep clean. Just make sure you read the fine print! Some services may not drive to your destination in mind.

Salon time: Treat your mother-in-law to some “me-time”! This is a great option because you can find a great gift no matter your price point. She can have her nails done for under $20, her hair done for $50 to a $100, or a message package for $60 and up!

Restaurant Groupon: Send her to a lovely dinner at one of your local restaurants. Groupon has a wide variety of coupons that can send your mother-in-law to food heaven!


Goofy, sporty, techie? No matter what type of dad you have, you’ll still want to find him something that’s as cool as he is. So, check out these dad-tastic ideas.

Amazon Prime for a Year: This is a great two-in-one gift. Not only will your father receive two-day shipping on things you know he’ll love (because he found them) and he’ll be able to enjoy Amazon Prime streaming services!

Tablet: Get your dad up to date with a sleek, new tablet! No matter your price point, you’ll be able to find a great tablet for him. Check out CNET’s Best Budget Tablet for 2018 to find one that’s right. My pick would be the Lenovo tablet 4 because it has great visuals, decent storage, and a price tag under $200.

Father in Law:

Memorabilia: Get some merchandise from his favorite sports team, television show, or band. Take your pick from t-shirts, plaques, or a framed signed item. Just think about what you know your father-in-law enjoys and, if all else fails, ask your spouse!

Get his car detailed: Whether he’s a car fanatic or not, he’ll love having someone else deep-clean his car. If your area snows a lot, consider getting him a gift card so he can have it done during warmer months. After all, nothing ruins a clean car like dirty snow.


If you’re lucky enough to have siblings, you know that they are some of the most amazing people in your life. Sure, they can be annoying, but you shared your childhood with them! So, this season, take a moment to reacquaint with them before buying them a gift! They may not be the same kid you used to wrestle for the t.v. remote with.

A Good Book: In such a fast-paced world, sometimes it’s nice to unplug and enjoy a good book. Think about their interests and hobbies and find something as special and unique as they are.

A Board Game: Pick a game from your childhood or something new and then challenge them to a friendly board game competition. The real gift is spending some quality time with them!

Hopefully, this gift guide has been super helpful and alleviated some of your season stress. Stay tuned for more gift giving guides where we’ll explore what to get your friends, pet, and self!

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