How to Layer Like a Pro
November 24, 2018 Donovan Wilkins
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The winter season is upon us! Learning how to layer while looking fashionable could be tricky without proper guidance. Your Best Fashion Finds is your friendly personal stylist here to help you maintain that chic style until Groundhog Day. Layering allows you to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw your way. Although scary at first, with a little bit of knowledge, you can become the envy of your friends. Fashion is not just for the elite anymore, create your own branded look of layers!


In order to learn how to layer properly, a good place to start is to learn the basics of layering. For your inner layers, you want to wear fitting clothes that conform to your body. T-shirts, tank tops, and undershirts, are all considered inner layers. As for outer layers, it would behoove you to wear layers that are easy to take off. Be wary of the changing weather in order to plan accordingly. Give some thought into wearing loose-fitting lightweight jackets that slide right off. Outer layers should be one of the most changing layers in your wardrobe. When in doubt, try to have an outfit that doubles as an indoor and outdoor wear. Other basic rules to watch out for include clashing bold patterns or designs and finding the perfect combination of colors. Once you learn these basics, layering becomes a second language for you.


As mentioned in the beginning, finding clothes that cater to your figure is key. Wear a tank top or tee shirt as your inner layer and base for your outfit. Doing this will keep you from looking bulky during the day all the while keeping you warm underneath. When applying layers, do keep in mind the length of your layers. Wearing various different layers will help you keep a slimmer figure than layers with the same length. Not everyone has the same style. Continue to mix and match layers with various lengths to figure out which works best for your style and comfort.

Layering in various weather conditions is tricky. Style and staying warm can live together in perfect harmony despite what many say. Wear inner layers that give you insulation but doesn’t restrict your breathing. Materials like silk and wool are great for protecting against sweat. These type of materials will keep you warmer than most. Accessories like scarfs and hats are a great way to improve your outfit while also completing your look. Scarfs are a hot popular winter accessory when used right can bring together your whole outfit.

It doesn’t hurt to look to the outside world for inspiration. If you’re not sure how to work in layers, try looking to social media and fashion outlets. Stores usually have some sort of lead way into what’s nice and cool for the upcoming season. Plan ahead by watching the weather for the week and plan accordingly. The best part of layering clothes is the creativity that goes into creating a unique look that is all you.



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