How to Look Stylish While Apple Picking

How to Look Stylish While Apple Picking
October 27, 2018 Donovan Wilkins
In Fashion Tips

Whether doing something small like apple picking or going to a gala, you always have to look your best. With the fall season comes the brisk crisp air of apple orchards. The fall season can feel a little challenging with trying to look while staying cozy. Below are a few things that will guide you to the right style this season.

Demin, Demin, Demin! You can never go wrong with denim. With apple picking, you can expect to get dirt in all the places you’ve never known you had. Going with a good pair of slick jeans that fit but also protect against the wear and tear of the day. For an added bonus, toss on those pair of denim overalls that have been in your closet for years.

Yes, I know plaid is such a clique but it works! A nice loose fitting button up plaid to complete your small city girl look. Nothing says fall like plaid shirts under the backdrop of color changing leaves.

Apple picking brings all kinds of the dirt and uneven soil. You might feel tempted to break out those high heels or boots at the sight of fall foliage. I highly recommend wearing stylish but durable canvas sneakers. If you have to break out those boots, I suggest a huge flat heel that won’t send you into a tailspin. Try these ultra-durable boots with rubber soles. You won’t have to give up style with them either! 

You can’t really do any harm incorporating layers into your outfit. Even though the weather might call for clear skies, you can never be too careful when it comes to the unpredictable fall season. It would behoove you to bring an oversized light cardigan to offset the orchard colors.

These few fashion items are sure to have you looking your best while apple picking!

The Faux Leather Laced-up Ankle Boots

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