Keeping Warm Halloween Night
October 24, 2018 Marlena Chesner
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Whether we like it or not, many of us experience chilly to down-right frigid Halloween nights. This can put a damper on Halloween plans- including what you decide to be. I know I’ve been there; found the perfect costume and then froze for its sake. Well no more! If the weather plays an important role in these decisions check out these tips for keeping warm during this spooky season.


Do Not Pick a Skimpy Outfit

Because Halloween falls in November, it makes sense to choose an outfit that covers you up a bit, We are not body shaming and we love that you have the confidence to show off some skin, but comfort and safety should always take precedence over sexy. If you’re drinking, you’re less likely to notice the cold which can become a huge problem! Now, this is not to say don’t dress sexy! Girl, you do do, let’s just try to avoid over-revealing your legs, arms, and chest if you’ll be spending time outside on Halloween.

Do Wear Layers:

Look for leggings that match or compliment the color of your costume. if you were planning on going barelegged, search out leggings that match the color of your skin. It provides the same effect! Take a look at HUE’s line of leggings- they offer a wide array of colors and styles at great prices. I personally love the embroidered hem cotton skimmers in pebble.

Don’t forget to look for gloves and a hat that matches your costume either! A scarf wouldn’t hurt and could be easily incorporated into any costume. You’ll be surprised at the difference 

The Pleasing Peacoat

Wear a Show Stopping Coat:

Can’t beat the weather? Embrace it with this appeasing peacoat! Made almost entirely of wool, this coat will keep you warm on even during the most chilly Halloween nights. If you’re worried about it ruining your style- don’t! This structured coat is dramatic and features a beautiful flower brooch and multiple pockets!

Find the Right Pair of Shoes:

No matter your costume, you will want to nab a pair of shoes that will keep your feet warm and comfortable while you’re trick or treating or dancing the night away. A good rule of thumb is to choose a closed shoe that you can wear socks with; specifically,  boots or ankle boots. Try these Faux snakeskin ankle boots. The slight wedge heel is perfect for guarding against slippery leaves and will keep your feet warm. You’ll love the subtle print so much you’ll grab them long after Halloween ends.

The Faux Snakeskin Ankle Boot

I hope that these tips and tricks gave you some insight to keeping warm during the festivities. We would love to see your costumes and how you incorporated warm items into them. Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

For those of you experiencing warm or tropical Halloweens, we are super envious of you (but also happy for you). Maybe this post isn’t for you! If you’re looking for some Halloween advice, try  5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes.

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