Steps to Developing Your Personal Style

Steps to Developing Your Personal Style
November 20, 2018 Mandy Voisin
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If you’re like a lot of us, you felt like you had great style at some point. You trusted your gut, you knew what worked for you and what didn’t, and you had your go-to looks. But as we get older, life gets busier. The same focus and attention you might have put into your wardrobe in college, you’ve since put into your career, a relationship, or a family. Or maybe you haven’t lost it, but you’ve grown up. And you no longer want to dress the way you used to.

Style extends beyond your clothes and how you look. The impact of personal style extends to multiple areas of your life. Work – home – play – love. Every part of who you are can be improved with the right wardrobe. Most importantly, a strong sense of personal style can make you feel confident and beautiful.

But in order to do regain, reinvent, or develop your personal style, you’ll have to let go of your doubt and begin to trust yourself again.

Steps to Developing Your Personal Style:

1. Inspire Yourself

The internet is a great place to seek inspiration. Follow the fashion boards of people you admire on Pinterest, scan Instagram for #OOTD and save the looks you love, or even Google street style to get inspired. Compile all of the looks onto a Pinterest board or some other platform so you can see them all together. Then look for patterns. Are you drawn to neutrals? Black and white? Bright colors? Stripes? Are you into sleek looks, or are you excited about volume and pattern play? By seeking inspiration before you begin shopping, you’ll have a better idea of how you want to start dressing. This will make it easier to know what to look for as you begin to shop.

2. Edit 

What is it Marie Kondo says? Keep only the items that “spark joy” within you. As you edit your existing closet, keep the things you love and find yourself reaching for time and time again. Even if they don’t think they fit in with your personal style aspirations, you can find a place for them. But if you haven’t worn it in a year, let it go. Put it in a bag to donate, or list it on eBay or Poshmark and don’t look back.

2. Buy the Basics

When developing style, always begin with the basics. Spend the most money on the pieces that will be worn the most. (Go here for a list of 5 fashion basics to invest in!) This could look different for everyone, depending on the personal style you’re going for. Examples include; the perfect pair of jeans, a leather jacket, cigarette pants, nude heels, etc. Basically, anything you see repeated in your inspiration images.

4. Experiment

Once you have the basics, you can begin experimenting with your looks. Pair your new pieces with some of the old pieces you love. Mix them with new tops and bottoms, try putting dressy and casual pieces together. Keep referring to your style inspiration board if necessary to give you ideas of how to wear certain items. And if you see holes in your wardrobe, start slowly accumulating pieces that you love to fill in the gaps.

5. Accessorize

Sometimes, all an outfit needs to go from drab to fab is the right accessories. Jewelry, a headscarf, a jacket slung over the shoulder. Even something as small as the right pair of tights or the right shade of lipstick can elevate your style.

6. Seek Help

If you’re still struggling to get that right look, consider getting professional help. Your Best Fashion Finds offers free styling help. We’ll help you understand your style goals and from there recommend pieces that we think you’ll love. Sometimes you need a friend to tell you what is or what isn’t working in order to nail down that perfect look.

7.  And Finally, Own it 

The most important step in developing your personal style? Believing that you have one. Once you’ve taken the necessary steps, own it. Your body, your appearance, your clothing, all of it. After all, style is personal. It’s about you, and no one else. So enter the world with your new look and rock it.

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