What Should Our Cat be for Halloween?

What Should Our Cat be for Halloween?
October 8, 2018 Marlena Chesner
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Dress Up Time!

My household is run by two sassy ( and adorable ) kitties: Luci and Laurel. Usually, they are the bosses and we gladly give-in to their every whim, except when it comes to costumes. We can’t help purchase every outfit (within reason, of course) that we think they would look cute in.

Well… Not both of them. Luci is too self-respecting to allow any sort of clothes, but Laurel almost likes it. We take advantage of this all the time but especially during Halloween!

This year, we want you to weigh in! What do you think Laurel should dress up as? A sushi cat, a dapper sailor, a cow, a squid, baby booties, or skelacat?!  Make your pick in the quiz below and get ready for some adorable follow-up photos.

Halloween Bonus: Enter to win a %30 off coupon. 

Just leave a reply with your pick and why in the comment section to enter. The winner will be announced November 1st so check back!



We can’t wait to hear from you and neither can our kitties!

Please note: No cats were harmed in the making of this post. We are always gentle and respectful of our cats’ boundaries. Remember that your pet might not like dress up as much as you do.

Photo Editing Via Bezaart and Be Funky.

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