Our Winter Closet Clean Out Tips
January 1, 2019 Marlena Chesner

Many of us are well into winter and our closets definitely reflect it. At least mine does! My cutest outfits have been shoved to the back and all available closet space has gone to sweaters, cardigans, and vests. My dresser is in an even sadder state- besides a few pairs of jeggings, it’s full up of sweatpants, leggings, and joggers. This doesn’t leave too much room for date night outfits.

This problem came to a head recently, when my husband asked to take me to dinner and I had to spend an hour digging through my winter clothes to find something cute. When we did get to leave, I spent the night freezing! Something had to change and I decided that something was my winter wardrobe.

Condense the Cozy Clothing

For me, winter means cozy and cozy means fuzzy. Unfortunately, fuzzy also means bulky, which means my closet and dressers quickly become cluttered. That’s why I put away all my bulky items (except for one bulky PJ set) and only kept my cutest warm clothing hanging. I also dug my blouses out and kept complimentary cardigans hanging.

Flat Storage Bins

Okay, I know I said I put away my coziest clothing but I actually bought some under the bed storage tubs and got to organizing. I had enough room for three long bins, so I sorted through my favorite pieces and put together outfits. For easy access, I put my favorite (but ugly) warm pieces in the first bin, the flow over in the second, and any summer clothing that would be complimentary with winter clothing in the third.

I still had quite a few pieces of clothing and no more bin room so I gathered up the remains and decided to donate them!

Invest in a Quality Coat

You won’t need as many layers (sweaters, long sleeves, tank tops, ect.) if you have a warm coat. I tried to get by on discount coats and jackets but have never found them to be warm. Eventually, I learned that money spent on a well-made coat is money (and closet space) saved later.

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