Gift Guide Series: Your Pet
December 11, 2018 Marlena Chesner
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It doesn’t matter if your pet is big or small, fluffy or scaley, or even if it likes to be cuddled or not. You and your pet (or pets) have a special bond that is shared with millions of pet lovers across the world.  Now, with the holiday season upon us, you’ve probably thought about what you can get to celebrate their conditional love. So, settle back and check out the best pet gifts of the season!


Anyone who has a cat knows the struggle of finding their little furry friend a toy that they enjoy. It doesn’t matter if its crinkly, shiny, fluffy, or even full of catnip- they always seem to prefer a grocery bag or a hair tie. So, this is for all those struggling to find the perfect gift for their fur baby.

  1. A New Cat Tree

When is the last time you purchased your cat a new cat scratcher or cat tree? Sure, they love their old one but maybe it’s time for a newer, better one! Depending on your budget and space constraints, you can get a large multi-platform tree or a simple post. Regardless, make sure you sprinkle it with a little bit of catnip to tempt her!

2. Window Seat Perch

This one is purrfect for small apartments! Let your cat experience the best sightseeing and sunbathing in their lives without taking up precious floor space. We suggest the Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch, available on Amazon for $50. It holds up to 25 pounds and boosts patented suction cup technology. Now, while other perches claim to hold up to 60 pounds, this product has well over 1,000 reviews on Amazon with 4.5 stars.

3. Your Leftover Tissue and Wrapping Paper

If worst comes to worst and you know your cat won’t fall for any holiday presents, get a cardboard box and cut out a nice sized hole so your kitty can get it. Then, take some leftover tissue and wrapping paper and put it inside. Bam! You have yourself a homemade kitty condo that you know she’ll love.




Your puppy loves you unconditionally, waits for you at the door, and will play with literally anything (as long as you’ll play too!). That doesn’t mean you should settle with some new tennis balls, though! This holiday season, treat your pooch to one of these awesome gifts.

  1. A Hide and Seek Toy

We love the Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush on Amazon. Hide cute, squeaky squirrels inside a plushy tree stump and give your pooch hours of fun. It comes in different sizes so dogs of all sizes can enjoy! Plus, it’s under $10.

2. BarkBox

You might have a few subscription boxes coming your way, but does your dog? If not, consider getting BarkBox! It’s a wonderful option for those who don’t like to go to the store but still want to pamper their little pals. The plans are extremely personalized, allowing you to choose from small, large, or medium dog, any allergies, and how often you’d like to receive the box. Then, you and your dog will have the fun of opening a new box!

3. A Professional Bath

You love a spa day, right?! Well, your pup will love one too! Get him trimmed and cleaned up by a professional then bring him home and have a great cuddle session. You’ll love how great they smell and they’ll love getting pampered! Plus, they might even get a special treat out of it.


Small Pets

Buying for smaller pets is a bit more difficult- mostly because they don’t play as often as cats or dogs. For small pets, think about purchasing them a special treat or a larger cage or space for them to run around in. You might also consider taking them to the vet for a checkup! It’s always nice to be sure that your pet baby is safe and sound.

No matter what you decide to get your pet, make sure you give them plenty of love during the holidays and be aware that they might not enjoy all the hubub of gifts, family dinners, and holiday parties! Be mindful of their needs and tell them you love them.

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