Throw an Amazing Holiday Party on a Budget

Throw an Amazing Holiday Party on a Budget
November 30, 2018 Marlena Chesner
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Celebrate the holidays with a fun, festive party with family and friends! Worried about creating the perfect atmosphere, complete with decorations, food, and drink without blowing all your hard earned money? Don’t worry! I’ve created my fair share of budget parties and I’m ready to share what I’ve learned with you!

Okay, you’re thinking “What’s the catch?” Well. In order to throw a glittering party, you’ll need to put in some elbow grease and get to making!  Don’t worry, though! Your bank account isn’t the only thing I’m trying to save. I know your time is just as precious.

Craft Corner

The Dollar Store 

When creating a budget party, the dollar store is your best friend. So, I’ve made sure all my suggestions for crafts and homemade holiday decorations can be recreated with items found there.

1.Glitter and Spray Paint

When I was a child, I helped my mother create glittering, shiny tree branches for her holiday party. To this day, I still remember how beautiful they were scattered around the house in various containers. They are also super super easy to create and really do pack an amazing punch.

You will need to find some branches outside, spray paint that matches your color scheme (preferably metallic finished), adhesive glue spray, white glue, and sparkles! Pro Tip: Clean the items you’ll be spraying the best you can before covering.

Head outside with your items – remember, don’t use the spray paint inside and we strongly suggest using a mask. Spray all of your branches and let dry completely. Set a few aside and keep as is. The metallic branches will add a nice contrast to the sparkly ones you’re about to create. Spray the remaining branches with the spray adhesive and paint a bit of white glue on. Then, cover with the glitter! Let dry and the arrange in vases or mason jars. You can even hang ornaments on them for an extra touch.

Feel free to apply this technique to other items for your party: Pinecones, leaves, Ribbon Bows, dollar store candle holders, fake flower, or boring ornaments!

2. Hanging Christmas Ornaments and SnowFlakes

Grab yourself a pack of ornaments that fit your price range and some adhesive tacky. That’s it! Well, you’ll also need a chair or a ladder because you’ll be tacking them to the ceiling. As for the snowflakes, look at the dollar store or make a bunch with regular computer paper, paint with glue, and dip with the remaining glitter from the first project!

3. Illuminate

The best way to give your party a cozy feel is a pack of white tea lights. They provide a nice gentle glow without any conflicting scents. Dot them around the party area for the full effect. You can even create a festive scene with them by putting pine cones, wreath, or larger candle near them. 

If you plan to have children at your party, trade them in for a pack of fake tealights and a strand or two of holiday lights. They provide the same effect without the fear of fire.


4. Multi-tiered Food and Dessert Platter

Serve all your food on handmade tiered food platters. They’ll wow your guests, add pizzaz to your food spread and take minutes to create. Find plates in various sizes that speak to your party- classy glass or cutesy and themed. Now, do the same with the stemware. Once you’ve got your pieces it’s time to assemble. Put the largest plate, face up, down and then super glue the glass, upside down, in the center. Repeat using smaller sized plates and glasses as you go.

5. Present Piles

All those boxes that your packages and grocery items come in- Save them! They will become the base for your present piles. Just wrap them in some dollar store wrapping paper and don with bows (if you want to add a bit of extra spark). Then, strategically place around your home in piles and surround with battery pack twinkle lights. 

6. Dollar Store Decor

Now, it’s time to accent all your hard work with a few premade items. Try and incorporate a few knickknacks into the mix to help bridge the gap between premade and homemade. And trust me, the dollar store has never disappointed in the little decoration department. Then, rearrange them in cute scenes on your tables, bookshelves, and countertops.



The best way to throw a successful holiday party is through food! So, make sure to provide a bunch of snacks and drinks for your party guests to enjoy. Look up some fun recipes on Pinterest and just do your best! As long as it tastes good, it won’t matter if it’s perfect or not.

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